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About Us

Formerly the Portland Retro Gaming Expo's annual swap meet, SideQuest Expo has blossomed from the shared love of video games that drives Josh and his team at his store, SideQuest Games.

For the last 10 years Josh has attended the Portland Retro Gaming Expo as a vendor and panelist. If you ask him, he will be quick to tell you “This is possibly my favorite weekend of the year, it rivals any Holiday.” After having the honor of running the PRGE Swap Meet for years, Josh is thrilled to take over the reins and rebrand it into SideQuest Expo. We are all excited to see where it goes from here!

This year we are growing the vendor floor. Next year will be expanding on a much larger scale with plans for programming, guests of honor, and a classic arcade.

SideQuest Expo captures the pulse of retro and modern gaming and collecting in the heart of Portland! Do not miss out on a fun, family friendly weekend of buying, selling and trading the games we all love.


Jeremy | DucksInDisguise

Jeremy | DucksInDisguise

DucksInDisguise is a content creator with an emphasis on video production and editing. Whether he's streaming Mario 64 from one of his Funtastic Color Series N64s or co-hosting the Portland Retro Gaming Expo twitch channel, be prepared for the unexpected whenever he's around. You can find him when he's not editing videos over on his twitch channel, twitch.tv/ducksindisguise.


Nicole | RedAuxPDX

Nicole | RedAuxPDX

RedAuxPDX is a musician and retro gaming enthusiast. When she's not co-hosting the Portland Retro Gaming Expo twitch channel, you can find her working on her next CD, arranging video game music for piano, practicing speedrunning, adding to her retro gaming collection, and streaming on her twitch channel, twitch.tv/redauxPDX.

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